Wedge Pillow - Alleviates snoring & sleep apnea

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Size : Standard Size(12x20")
Restful Sleep

Settle in to enjoy the deepest, most restful sleep ever. Let's reimagines the way you dream together!

Alleviates snoring & sleep apnea
Corrects sleep alignment
Eliminate neck, back & shoulder pains
Boosts REM & deep sleep
lmproves day-time posture


Pillow core: CertiPUR-USR certified bamboo charcoalmemory foam-a.k.a. the meeting place between comfortand support.
The Liner: 100% polyester
The Pillowcase: Silky smooth Tencel

Size Guide

Standard: 12 x 20"(30 x 50cm)

Plus Sized: 14 x 24" (35 x 60cm)

Both sizes have the same loft at 4"


The pillow of the future

Makeric is the only one of its kind to be designed to perfectlycontour to your neck and shoulders.
The result? No more waking up feeling groggy, achy, and moody!
Upgrade your pillow today-your neck and shoulders arecounting on it.

Deep, Pain-free Sleep. Every Night

The Makeric is precisely molded to the specifications of the human body, ensuring perfect posture in every sleeping position.

Claim the benefits of perfect sleep posture

Reduces Snoring Through Better Breathing

Perfect sleeping posture imposes no restrictions on your breathing by widening your wind pipes

Fix Your Neck's Natural Curve

Scientifically developed to correctly maintain your neck in its naturally curved position throughout your slumber.

CertiPUR-US certified under the strictest eco, health, & durability standards.

How does the Makeric compare

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